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All Executive Security Group 7 Special Agents are highly trained Protection Specialists
who dedicate their lives to protecting our clients who may come in harms way in these
trying days. Our staff brings valuable training and experience from the Secret Service,
Diplomatic Security Service and Executive Security International.

Our Special Agents are now working as celebrity bodyguards and close protection
specialists for corporate clients around the world. Continued education and first
responder medical certification is mandated for all of our protection team members
and all staff members are required to pass rigorous background and integrity testing.


Our Force Protection Team is standing by to assist our clients in the Gulf Coast
area. Our Protection Specialists gained valuable experience in New Orleans and the
Mississippi Gulf Coast area under the harsh conditions after Hurricane Katrina.
Should another natural disaster occur we have the experience to safeguard your
employees, assets and property. Our team is well versed in the Protection of Casino
Properties and hospitals and we understand the importance of getting operational
quickly after a storm.

Film Production & Film Premier Security

Executive Security Group 7 staff members use their backgrounds in dignitary
protection and executive security to bring a professional edge to the film
industry. We understand the requirements and demand for confidentiality while
at the same time providing a low profile. Our specialists are currently working
on film productions in the New Orleans & Baton Rouge area.

Celebrity Bodyguards / Close Protection Specialists CPS, PPS

ESG7 Protection Specialists are well versed in the protection of high profile
celebrities. We understand our clients needs both at home and in public and
confidentiality is our motto. Our clients have taken advantage of our estate
sight planning prior to the completion of their new homes. We incorporate
surveillance and security to safeguard our clients homes. Risk assessment
and stalker management are also part of our staff members backgrounds.
This vital training has become a must in recent days and our well trained
and educated protection team separates us from the competition.

Executive Security & Dignitary Protection

Executive Security Group 7 provides clients form the corporate world as
well as visiting dignitaries with protection. Our specialists bring training
from the United States Secret Service, The US State Departments
Diplomatic Security Service and Protective Service Units from around the
world. Our corporate clients require specific needs and we provide full
confidentiality and professionalism. Your safety is our mission.

Close Protection Specialists on call in the following cities:

Aspen          Los Angeles     New York      New Orleans     Orlando        Las Vegas

Dallas          Miami              Austin          Hollywood        Toronto        San Francisco

Chicago       Boston            Houston        Memphis          Seattle         Tampa

Nashville      Baton Rouge       Washington DC & the  Mississippi Gulf Coast area.

Executive Security Group 7 has provided Executive Protection, Celebrity Bodyguards, Dignitary
Protection Agents, Diplomatic Security & Bodyguards for overseas and international clients.
Our clients have used our Security Consulting and Surveillance Solutions to assist them in
estate planning and maritime yacht protection. Film Production Security and Casino Protection
are also a specialty of our Senior Agents. Our staff has qualifications equal to or greater than
that of the United States Secret Service and the United States Diplomatic Security Service.
Clients from Aspen, Dallas, Hollywood, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington DC
Orlando, Baton Rouge, Toronto, London, Mississippi, and  New York have all used our services.

ESG7 would like to thank the members of the United States Secret Service, the U.S. State
Departments Diplomatic Security Service, All other Federal, State DPS and local Dignitary
Protection Units in the US and abroad. We would also like to thank the men and women of
the FBI, NCIS, RCMP, Texas Rangers and the Louisiana State Police for their cooperation.